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ahhhhhhh she has Rotary Nystagmus (Vestibular syndrome) http://www.vara.org/VestibularSyndrome.htm and should be ok in 2 - 3 weeks. im an emotional wreck......... thanks for the well wishes everyone!
she seems fine otherwise, no other symptoms. we're taking her in in the next 1/2 hr. wish us well........
She's 14 yo a border collie mix. No health problems at all. last night for a few minutes she walked liked she was drunk. a few minutes after that, dh took her for a walk and she was fine. later that night when she got up to go outside to pee, she was again stumbling around, swaggering like she was drunk. it didnt look like she was favoring either side. now this morning she cant stand up at all. just waiting for the vets office to call. wondering if anyone ...
My 8yo dd wants to get a turtle (she just lost her frog). We were looking at a Russian Tortoise, but wanted to find out from other moms how they are as pets, or is there something else you would recommend. want to get something that she can take care of herself. thanks!
I am not a gardener........ BUT I have several raised beds in my back yard and now that the garage is being remodeled in to a granny unit, I thought it would be nice to plant some flowers or herbs in the beds that are there. Right now they are full of weeds. Im sure the soil is not good. So what do I do to get them ready to plant something in them? What do I need? and is this easy for someone who has no knowledge or experience with gardening? thanks!
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Well, if he's dead, doesnt mean he'll NEVER come back on the show..... he could always come back as somebody's ghost......
I watched it over this morning.......and I liked Kris' 2nd song alot. It was picked by the producer of the show, not much you can do with that song. He couldnt have sped it up, and would have gotten criticized if he had done it like Marvin.....so he was going to disappoint the judges either way. I thought it was good how he did it in that Jack Johnson kinda vibe he has. besides, last year, David Cook did a slow song (by Collective Soul) and it was amazing...... ...
Again I totally agree with Cranberry........ Id like to see Kris win, but really, I dont have alot invested either way. It will be interesting.........just think what an upset it would be if Kris DID win. most likely, it will be Adam.......... Did they say who was going to be on the show tomorrow?
anyone have any spoilers (song choices) etc for tonight??
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