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So I'm purchasing a La Bassine Pool and of course you can go crazy with all the add ons. How necessary is the pool liner if you are the only one using it? Is it worth the 35 bucks for one? What about a pool cover?
37 months with my son and I've got a little one due in Sept that I'll be adding to that number soon :)
I noticed there was another thread about cloth in this group...but I'm wondering if any of you have MADE your own cloth diapers? I think what I would like to have is an AIO, one size...kind of like the bum genuis freetimes and 3.0's that are out. Anyone have experience with this or have some patterns or ideas. I feel so lost and overwhelmed with all the options!
We find out the sex next week. But we're pretty set on Luna Anne for a girl (both my mom and his mom have the middle name Anne). We've been having  a tough time with possible boy names but thinking about Sage McKenzie (my husband's middle name is McKenzie).
That only strengthens my twin suspicion. I'm pretty active too and my last pregnancy was almost 6 years ago.
I'm six weeks along with my 2nd pregnancy and I've got a tiny bump starting. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that notices it. My husband said he thought he could tell a difference. But I didn't start showing until much MUCH later with my first.   So....who else is seeing some tummy changes?
I met my midwife (who is also a doula) from my first birth when she came to my house to check help my doula check my cervix before we made the trip to the hospital. I then ended up being a student doula under her. So I was able to attend a handful of births with her and become close. She was one of the first people I told after family! :)   My first appointment isn't until Feb. 29th though....so so excited!
Hi! I'm Stephanie and we're due Sept. 11th. :)
Hello! I'm Stephanie. I'm 29 years old (pretty close to 30...but trying to not remind myself of that ;) ) I'm pregnant with my 2nd baby! Due Sept. 11th...or whenever he/she gets good and ready to come out!  I'm a doula, but haven't taken clients in a couple of years. We're planning  a homebirth and so excited about it. We've tried for a couple of years to get pregnant and after identifying some thyroid issues and having a complete thryoidectomy in March and tweaking...
the doula is also a L&D nurse in one of our local hospitals. I don't know for sure where she got her info, but she's friends with the manager of Whole Foods...so it seems he might have told her why they are just carrying one of the cohoshes now. I can't find anything on that at all. All I've found is that the FDA hasn't 'approved' the cohoshes. Maybe it is a recommendation and not an order from FDA and Whole Foods has made it a mandatory thing.... i dunno
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