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Will be traveling to Germany with my 9 and 12 year old kids and renting a car while there. Am wondering what the laws are about children riding in the front seat of the car? Also, from what I've read booster seats are only required for children up to 150 cm. Is that right? Thanks!
Absolutely. This is one you will just have to work on accepting.  
We have 2 kids and  a friendly family dog-- male, 3 years old, golden retriever / greyhound mix. My son has been asking for a fish tank for his room and I am contemplating that for him for Christmas. I am worried that the dog may mess with the fish tank. He's pretty curious and often gets into stuff. Anyone have an experience with this or tips to share? The dog is very tall and I am not sure I could put the tank up high enough for him not to get to them and still have my...
Well no, but we pretty much stopped giving each other gifts several years before the marriage ended. I do facilitate my kids doing something for a gift for their dad. I love the framed list idea! I also make sure they have something to give his parents. Usually it is something home made.
I read it and didn't get much out of it. Seemed like pretty common sense stuff to me. Have you read Moms House Dads House? I thought that one was much more helpful.
So sorry. This was one of the toughest parts of the whole process for me. Will your STBX participate in the talk with your DS? Everything I read said it's best if you can do it that way. In my case my X refused to participate so I had to do it alone. I chose to take them to a park to have the talk. They played first and then we sat on a bench and talked. Mine were 5 and 8 at the time. I said that daddy and I had not been getting along and that we had decided the best...
Well I think the answer to your question is generally yes. If the kids are over 18 you don't have to worry about custody or child support which are generally a huge part of the process. However there is still all the financial part to go through no matter what, not to mention the emotional part.   How old is your kid now? I think if you are really miserable and the home is not a peaceful one you are likely not doing your kid any favors staying together.
We were in the same room for some of it but the mediator separated us after a while because X was becoming increasingly hostile. Agree with the PP who said bring a book! I ended up in a conference room with NOTHING to do. Anyway my advice is get your ducks in a row and be prepared with a list of what you want, and why you think it's fair. Think ahead of time about what you'll compromise on, and what you're prepared to give up in return for something else. If you have a...
I'm sorry. This is so painful.   Don't have a lot of time at the moment so I'm afraid what I'm about to say won't be as diplomatic as it ought to be:   I do think your husband has already made up his mind to leave. I've seen many similar situations. My guess is he's telling you he'll try again to either help ease his guilt, or because he thinks you'll get the message better if he says what he's been saying in the therapy setting.   Sounds to me like a...
If one person hasn't already moved out usually one person files for sole use of the property in order to force the other one out. There is also usually an interim order for expenses and parenting time until a permanent agreement is reached. But a lot depends on the state you are in. Sounds like you are doing this without a lawyer?
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