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Help! I need info on a great accupuncturist in Fredericksburg area for a friend with severe lupus flare....any help would be greatly appreciated! thank you so very much for your help!!!!!!
We need to be a little forgiving of the grandparent generation.  I'm 31 and I never rode in a car seat, so there is a real lack of cultural awareness for my parents and my grandparents.  If we start to assume the best ppl will amaze you!  Just have the conversation with MIL
You cannot change people, your FIL believes that if you do not know Jesus, and accept him into your heart that upon death you will perish, this TERRIFIES him, so within the limitations of his worldly knowledge he thinks what he is doing will bring you and your family back to Jesus. I'm sorry that he is teaching and preaching the worldly understanding of Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit.     Your son is a child of you and your husband, which makes him a pretty...
I really wouldn't stress about this.  Just tell your MIL you wouldn't be comfortable with your children riding without a carseat and it's really important to you.  crisis solved!  We all need to do what we feel is right for our children and our family, and this is something that is extremely important to you, so express that to any of your childs car takers.  
we had DS1 at a SABC too.  I then switched to a home birth midwife with #2.  DH supported me half-heartedly.  We had a long conversation once I made up my mind where we were going and this is what he said.  It scared him to have a homebirth b/c he felt there were too many variables to monitor / control.  When we spoke more, I soon understood more than I did after the first birth. My husband and many other husbands quietly take full responsibility for the safety of the...
Just out of curiosity are you getting push back for him being intact, or are you needing someone to help out with educational concerns? 
PA, is a big state, where are you located?
I've had mirena for 3.5 yrs now.  I had it placed at my 6wk post birth appt.  I haven't had a period in over 4 yrs, it is TRULY GLORIOUS!  Mirena takes time to get used to.  Including but not limited to, painful sex, at first, slight cramping for a few days post insertion, and if the strings aren't trimmed it can poke your husband.     I love mine, I plan to have it re-inserted after this 5 yrs is up.   oh on the hormone level questions, if you were to have your...
I live in Carlisle, and I had both my babes at birthcare in Quarryville. I had the oportunity to home birth with the second but opted to stay with my midwives at birthcare b/c I loved them so! Good luck! I love the area!
Quote: Originally Posted by heidi_m I voted pool, but I had a home water birth with a blowup fishy pool in the kitchen when we lived on Long Island. It was awesome - plenty of room even for my husband to be in the pool with me. I think it cost $17. I can't imagine that a doula would have been any more help than our midwife and her asst were at home. In a hospital would be a completely different story, however. I totally agree with this...
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