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I'm not really sure where he wants to go, but we usually sit in the rocking chair by their beds, and he just comes over and stands there until you pick him up. We've tried ignoring him and just sitting quietly, but then he pounces. We've tried, picking up and not just gently putting him in bed, but he gets right out. We've tried putting him in his bed and explaining that it's bed time, everyone goes to sleep, etc. We've spent days and days and days talking about how...
Okay, it's really just one of them. But it's bad. The boys just turned two, and have been sleeping on a queen mattress together. Life was good, they had FINALLY started to sleep pretty well, etc. Then, they started waking more in the night. A lot more. We figured out that what was happening was that every time Owen would move in the night, he would move the blankets and Jonah would wake up. Jonah's crying would then wake Owen up. So we put them in their own toddler...
Hi ladies, Just wanted to send a heads-up that there will be a workshop offered for free at Birth Roots Perinatal Resource Center in Portland for anyone wanting to learn more about how to make your own baby food. PM me or go to MoonRiverBirthing.com for more info! September 15 4-6 pm Birth Roots
One of my clients just told me that she came back from discussing her birth plan with her OB, and the OB gave her a really hard time about wanting to delay cord clamping. Apparently, she told my client that "they don't wait because of the risk of the cord ripping off and the baby bleeding to death". Luckily, my client did not take this too seriously, but it sounds like a pretty scary thing to be telling new moms-to-be. I have never heard of such a thing happening........
That's pretty much what I was thinking, I just wanted to see if anyone had any fabulous or horrible reviews to share.
Has anyone heard of this? It's a marketing course for people who own birthing businesses. I'm pretty lost as to how to find doula clients, so this sounds great, but I would like to see if anyone else has any input before I shell out $350 to take the e-class. Here's the link: http://www.birthingbusiness.com/index.htm thoughts?
One or the other of them will. When I asked our doctor, she said that if the one in Saco won't, the one in Scarborough will. she couldn't remember which one, but it might even be both.
If you are in Southern Maine, I will do it for you for free; I'm in training.
We have been very happy with University Health care in Saco. They are a family practice program, but they also have a pediatric practice in Scarborough that I've heard really good things about. Good luck!
We also handle it playfully, or at least in a nonchalant way. I usually say in a silly way "hey, what are you doing down there on the floor? that is so silly!" , or sometimes I say, "you're good, don't worry, you know how to get up". And then they do! I figure that helps them to know that they can handle it on their own. I guess the down side is that now they say those things to each other when they fall down (even if it's serious!). It's pretty funny to hear one...
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