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He'll outgrow it. And the cats will adjust. Or they'll take a swipe at him and he'll learn to be gentle. Make sure the cats have an escape route to avoid him and keep showing him how to be gentle. He'll start to get it if you're consistent but he's incapable of understanding right now. That's really normal 18 month old behavior.
My first thought is that her son is still really little with typical toddler impulse control and world outlook. My DD just turned 22 months and I can't imagine her sharing or not pushing consistently, and she's a pretty gently, attentively parented kid with a good vocabulary. She pushes sometimes and snatches things, yells no, doesn't like to share. She's also been bitten and had her hair pulled by other kids. I just stay really close (like within arms reach if necessary)...
My STBX also has Aspergers and I'm also struggling with how to encourage him to parent. DD is 22 months old and he can play with her and focus on her for an hour or so but that's his limit. This divorce is his choice and he's moved out so I feel as if I've been left to pick up the pieces. She talks about daddy occasionally but doesn't appear to overtly miss him right now (he wasn't very involved before he moved out either). He's not pushing for more custody or time with her.
I'm lonely too. I wish I had a good answer. Socializing, let alone making new friends is hard with a toddler hanging off you.
My DD is 22 months and my period came back when she was 7 months old. I get so sensitive and touched out just before my period starts that I have to grit my teeth to make it through nursing sessions. I think my supply dips a bit as well, but honestly, I could just be perceiving that she's nursing more because it seems like longer I don't know for sure though, I don't keep track.
Thank you!
You have uttered the statements "mommy gets to pee too" and "the cat is not for licking", also, you accidentally tell your coworkers you're hungry and need to go get "bites".
Here is my little girl, born 10/22/11. I am so lucky to be her mama She's 33 inches tall and probably about 27 lbs.
My DD's paternal grandfather is a pedophile (years and years of treatment and the family sweeping it under the rug later). I do not allow DD in his or his wife's presence unsupervised ever. Ever. What you're describing is much more than pedophilia. This is full on chaotic, unhealthy, entrenched, multigenerational family dynamics that you cannot fix. Nobody else in the family is concerned because this is normal for them. Report to CPS with the understanding that they may...
Initially, we had discussed apartments in the same complex, but now I'm glad we didn't. STBX is moving on quite happily with his new single life, from all accounts, and I don't want to see that My sanity relies on not having things rubbed in my face.
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