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In my head, I imagine that DD will be done by age 3. I don't care at all what other people do, for me, 4 feels like longer than I would want to go. Right now she's 21 months and nurses at bedtime and her 4 am wake up, and when I get home from work (I work 4 days a week). When I'm home with her she nurses to sleep for her nap, and probably 2 other times during the day. Every month before I get my period, nursing makes me really cranky and I want to quit. I've started...
Argh. Toddler shoes frustrate me. They're either too expensive, too cheap and uncomfortable, or simply impractical. I constantly struggle with the balance of buying a size up to get some use out of a good pair vs having her trip over them... Especially girl shoes. DD wears a size 7 at 20 months. She's 33.5 inches tall and has two tall parents
My 20 month old popped off the other day and said "yummy yummy mommy". So freaking cute. I love nursing a verbal kid
I've been nursing now for 20 months, whenever or wherever and I've never gotten a negative response. I usually wear a nursing tank top under a lightweight shirt, and no cover. I've been in situations where I know people are uncomfortable (like my in laws) but I just do my thing and don't react. I feel like its my job to feed/comfort my kid and normalize nursing, not be apologetic or overly explanatory. I think I give off a "don't screw with me" vibe anyway, so that...
Spinach, sharp cheddar, and a sliced turkey burger in a whole wheat tortilla with goddess dressing. DD had string cheese and nursed.
We just flew for a family vacation last month (DD was 19 months), 5.5 hours each way. My parents were with me so we let her crawl around on our laps and that helped a ton. I brought stickers, her animal figures, some new little dollies, a few books, and a lot of snacks. I also put some cartoons on my iPhone. She nursed to sleep and slept a couple hours each way. A sippy cup was very helpful too as she asked for a drink a lot. When she was 11 months I flew at night with her...
Tonight I had a salad of chopped cucumber, red bell pepper, and chicken breast with basalmic vinegar dressing. DD had string cheese and two tortilla chips, despite my best efforts. Sigh.
Green beans and chicken with massaman coconut curry over rice.
Sweet potato simmered in coconut milk, chicken broth, and massaman curry...over rice. Simple and so good.
Haleiwa, HI
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