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I use coconut oil for everything! Scramble eggs in it, use it for baking in place of oil or butter, add it to soups for a shot of good fat. I also use it as diaper cream, on my face, and on the baby's skin
I second air drying all non-absorbent diaper components. For us, I've found snaps last longer than hook and loop fasteners. We use coconut oil sparingly for diaper cream.
Fir Creek Pediatrics in Lakewood on Bridgeport. We vax on schedule but do other alternative practices and she's talked to me about vaxing in the past, and stated that she goes with what folks choose.
I have a girl, and she's younger, so my experience is limited. She's recently hit a phase where she's discovered her vulva in the bathtub and plays with it to no end. Then she'll point toward me and make the noise that means "your turn". I just matter of factly name it. "Yes, that's your vulva. It's yours to touch. Be gentle. Yes, momma has one too." She's not old enough to ask questions though, so that's as far as we've gotten.
It is extremely inappropriate for discharge staff at the hospital to be planning a discharge without appropriate care in place. Did your family tell hospital staff that they could provide total care? Did they talk to you about this plan? It is the social workers job to facilitate a successful discharge, I would find the social worker and see what the plan exactly is.
Antibiotics really do a number on me, high doses for acute sinus infections have made me feel like I have the stomach flu. Do you think it's possible your system is out of whack from that? I don't know the specifics of probiotics, but that might help. Also, when DD is teething, and my period is approaching, I get a bit physically touched out and sick feeling...
I have hypertrophic tonsils. I am 32. I snore hideously, I feel awful for my husband. They also harbor various yuckiness and I have constant, low level sinus infections. Like, for years. When I cut out dairy and sugar I feel better but my tonsils don't decrease in size. I actually was scheduled for surgery to remove them two years ago when we discovered I was unexpectedly pregnant so surgery was a no go. Now I have a very active toddler (she was a good trade) so scheduling...
3 bags of books to consignment and Salvation Army 47 books 315/2013 $110 consignment credit
We have a toddler and we live on the second floor of a building in a huge complex. It is mostly military families here. Above us is a family with two little girls who run constantly. Below us is a single guy in the army. Our neighbors across the landing smoke pot like its going out of style. Getting up a flight of stairs with her and groceries requires a carrier and multiple trips (or I bully the pot smokers into helping) but if we got a ground floor apartment, I wouldn't...
For a long time after DD learned to walk, I would just carry her in any unsafe space. It was like trying to herd a feral cat. She was so excited to explore and so ready to be independent... Now she's 17 months and for the last couple weeks has been able to hold my hand in parking lots and walk in the correct direction on the sidewalk. It's pretty cool I talk a lot about "being safe" and staying close to momma, hopefully some of it is sinking in.
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