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I received this email and just wanted to pass it along to Salt Lake City Baby Wearers: Hello, I am looking for three people or couples to model the ERGObaby carrier one day in the ERGObaby booth at a trade show that is happening August 4th- 7th. In exchange for modeling we will give one a carrier, and either an Infant Insert or Front Pouch. The volunteer model will have to wear their child and be able to talk about the comfort of the ERGObaby. They may also be asked...
I think so too!
I just had to post this. BW is officially super HOT!!!! http://bellazizasfavorites.com/ Check out Julia Roberts babywearing
in Colorado and it worked beautifully thru the winter. Ergo's Poncho is great for cool rainy weather
An all organic Ergo in chocolate and a matching front pouch
The pay off is so worth it. Call the company to get comfort tips. Ergo is the most comfortable one out there.
This could solve your problem pretty cheaply
Please try an Ergo because it sounds perfect for your needs. Some of the people who sell them have really great trial periods to see if you like it.
sorry to hear about that
I sugest getting it from one of the places that has a good trial period. If you have any issues using it call the company and they will help you with it. It's so worth it, because it is the only thin that I've tries that is truely handsfree- including during nursing.
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