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I grew up in South Jersey, and I liked it. Of course we had 18 acres to play on. I just moved away because of the housing costs. It's nice to be close to the shore and the city, and then there are the pine barrens for canoeing and camping. I highly recommend going to La Leche League meetings. I was the first of my friends to have a child, and I made all of my other mother friends through LLL. And there are always new moms coming, so you are always meeting new people. 
Thrift store, goodwill, etsy, make it yourself....
Where do you buy glycerine?
I just had to comment, since I haven't had a car for a year, and we walk pretty much everywhere. Warm comfortable boots, wool socks, and long underwear! The long johns make a huge difference in my body temperature during the winter. As soon as it gets nippy, I start doubling up. I can't think of anything else that everyone else hasn't already said, so good luck!
Thanks for the article. I'll pass that on to my mom. She does a lot of speaking on post partum depression.
I HATE this. I have one really good friend who does this all the time. And you know, what, I think I'm going to say something to her about it. It's just rude to me and my son. Especially because we live out of state and they don't see each other that much. If the behavior is really that bad, then you should actually leave when you threaten it. But it's not over really bad stuff, it's just stuff that is annoying to her.     
I'm a horrible housekeeper. If I had money, I would totally hire someone! I love flylady's idea of doing laundry every day. (I don't actually do this, since there are only 2 of us, but I appreciate the idea if there were more of us.) If you put a load of laundry in every morning, then the laundry is always done. There are never piles of clothes sitting around getting moldy. The towels don't pile up. It's just lovely.    To answer your question, I have not gone from...
  Besides price, is there a way to distinguish quality from lesser quality materials?  Is there a "better" way to attach hair or limbs?   Most people that sell them use basically the same materials. It should be stuffed with wool, with cotton interlock knit for the skin, the hair should also be wool yarn. I've seen some that have the limbs attached with buttons, so the doll is jointed, but mostly they are just rag doll style. I like hair that has been attached with...
I think barefoot children are wonderful. Adults too! :) The dangers of being barefoot are greatly over-exaggerated. Broken glass can be stepped around. We usually bring sandals with us in case of over-anxious store personnel. And when we walk downtown we usually wear flip flops, because there is a lot of gravel on the sidewalk, so it's uncomfortable. Being barefoot can be uncomfortable at times, but rarely is it dangerous. I didn't read through the thread, but in case no...
I rarely dream About him, but I am almost always aware that I have a child. When I do dream about him, it's usually that I've lost him or left him somewhere. lol. He is rarely ever a character in the dream doing things. And when I dream about college it's that there was this one class I didn't go to all semester, and I must have failed it, and not I'm not going to graduate.
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