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LOL, I have totally considered asking this question on here before. I just tell him that it's something women get every month when they aren't having babies. It does make me a little awkward, but shrug.
Wow, I just read through all 12 pages of this thread and now I have a headache (though really I should have stopped after page 4 or 5 because after that it degenerated into a lot of childish back and forth).   I read through the whole thread because this is a topic that is extremely relevant to me. I am a single mother of one child. And I'm also a libertarian. And I believe with all my heart that children deserve the freedom of having a stable caregiver (preferably...
Nothing. No one has ever said anything to me about it. Well that's not true, occasionally people would ask if he was still nursing from 4-6 months, but since then nothing. Although I don't go around telling people that he's still nursing at 4. People just don't say things to me. My family is generally respectful, and nobody else has the guts I guess. shrug.
The thing that irritates me about college is that a college degree is becoming meaningless. Graduate school is what college used to be. Lots of other things bother me about college, but I don't want to write an essay. I was actually talking to my brother, and he said that some companies are starting to recruit kids right out of high school so they can train them, and get them working right away without wasting the time/resources/etc. for college.   Just one more...
No, I'm doing better, but I just don't like cleaning. I try to stay caught up on the dishes and sweeping the kitchen floor. Every couple of days we pick up the toys and put them all away. I vacuum occasionally. I clean the bathroom once a week. But on a daily basis, it's pretty messy. I just don't care. I think I could become a neat person if I cared much about the mess, but as long as I can walk without tripping over things, it just doesn't bother me. It's only me and...
Absolutely! Playing in the woods was one of my favorite things to do when I was a kid. I will encourage my son to do the same. I don't think playing outside is any more dangerous than playing inside. In fact I was just thinking about that the other day. I would like to see statistics on that actually. What percentage of accidents that kids have are outside playing and which are inside.
There is a difference between not teaching manners, and not forcing your children to say thank you/please/sorry/etc. Some people (myself included) don't think that forcing a kid to say something is a polite thing to do. I encourage it. I model it. I say it for him if he forgets, but I won't demand that he says it. I may just be lucky, but he is a very polite child, especially with his excuse-me's when he wants to talk.   I don't teach sir and ma'am, because nobody talks...
Wow, that's great! Thanks for sharing your story. I always love hearing about other single mothers who are doing what they can to stay home. :)  
quote: "Why am I doing this? Why is my child doing this? What can help my child learn the skills they need?"   Good things to remember. I think I will have to write them on the wall. :)
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