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I want to. I'm too chicken.:P I've gotten boxes out of dumpsters actually.
I AGREE! If we all just shared more, there'd be a lot less junk in the world.   I love my electric orange juice maker. :)
I think you could do that with no problem. I lived in a conversion van with my 3 year old son for 6 months. I have a 3 bedroom house now, and we only use one of the bedrooms. I like the loft bed idea. If my son didn't prefer to be practically attached to me at night, I would definitely do that.
I don't really have any good suggestions as to what to do with him. I tend to put my son out of the room, and I will hold the door closed if he tries to come right back in. He usually collapses on the floor screaming and crying for a minute or two (as soon as he lets go of the doorknob, I let go of the door), and then calms down and comes back into the room.   I've tried the holding thing, and it just makes him FURIOUS. But this is a different situation than the...
I'm having a hard time getting my son to bed as early now that it stays light so late. It wouldn't be a big deal (well, it isn't a big deal, just a little deal) if he would sleep later to make up for staying up later, but he gets up just the same time so now he's getting an hour less sleep every night. Do you think we need less sleep when the days are longer? And what are your tips for getting to bed while it's still light out?
What about babies being outside in the sun? Why do they always jump to supplementation? I mean, all of us humans evolved to live outdoors, adult, child, and baby. I expect that most babies are inside nearly all of the time, especially with daycare.
LOL, I would have cracked up. And totally given that answer, "well you see, to make a baby one needs a father (well, generally speaking)."
Good food makes me feel rich. I know I'm a snob, but I never felt poorer than when we were living in our van and had to use fake syrup for our pancakes. There's just something about real food that makes me feel rich (especially real maple syrup). It just feels good to know that, poor as we are, we, at least, can eat real, delicious, home-cooked (or raw, fresh produce) food, and our better off neighbors eat all their food from boxes and factories. (I know, I'm a snob.)...
No. Well, we live on what I earn, but it's not what they call a livable wage. :-) Sometimes it's not even what I call a livable wage. :(
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