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I have no problem letting my son play outside by himself. I encourage it. He's 4 now, and I think it is an essential part of growing up. For a younger kid, I would make sure I was in hearing distance-for his comfort, not because I think there is something inherently dangerous about playing outside.
I really hate this show, but I watched a couple episodes in the beginning (being a single mother myself-though not when I was 14), and now I check in from time to time. I just had to say how irritated I was with how they are portraying homeschooling (which doesn't really sound like homeschooling anyway, more like in home tutoring). I'm sure it will only get worse.
  hahahahahahahahaha... yeah, that's all I have to say. :) DOOO IT!  
Nope. I don't know who could sleep without a blanket. Does anyone actually follow that?? Or a pillow for that matter. My bed was on the floor, but not because of baby, just because I like it like that.
Well, I'm single, with no family or friends or babysitters, so I pretty much do it all. I do miss things from before I was a mother, but out of necessity I had to find a way to still do things that I liked. The one thing that I would really like occasionally is a day off. lol. I just want to be able to spend the day in bed with a book sometimes. As a mother, you never get days off. And it's not like I want to not see him for a whole day, we're practically joined at the...
    You can read it online. It's free. http://www.weblife.org/humanure/ It's so good. It should be required reading for everyone alive. :)    
Oh, somebody mentioned using cedar shavings. Cedar takes a really long time to decay, so I wouldn't recommend that.
That would be awesome! If I hadn't just bought a house, I would so be applying right now! :-) I think there should be way more house sharing and things like this around. It is no fun living by yourself. Before I moved here to my own house, I always lived with my other family or nanny jobs, and it was great to have other adults around to talk to. We're so isolated from each other, and it's no good for any of us. Even if I was married, I would still want a situation like...
It was to House Alive. They do cob building workshops (and they are a wonderful family-I almost moved there ).  
We use the same bucket for everything, as is recommended in the Humanure Handbook. The only time it smells is right after a smelly poop, but that's not much different than a regular flush toilet. Some people separate the urine to use that as a separate resource for plants. The place we visited in Oregon did this. They had a funnel with a hose attached to a milk gallon container, and I think they emptied it on to their fruit trees when it was full. In their outhouse, they...
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