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I think what other people have said about not taking your child's personality personally is very important. Yes, it's good to be understanding and all, but there are times when we just need to walk away and do something else. I don't do timeouts or any punishments, but I've taken to putting my son out of the room when he hits me. I try not to get mad, but I'm not going to put up with being abused by a 4 year old! Or anyone else. The way he talks to me sometimes is just...
  At the cob house workshop I went to, they used chopped straw for their outhouse, it did fine stopping the odor. It would be messy for in the house though, I think, though peat moss is too. I'm always wiping a fine layer of black dust off of everything in the bathroom. Oh, they chopped it up with a weedwacker in a garbage can I think.  
I use peat moss and the sawdust that I make from the toys. I don't know of any sawmills around here, plus I don't have a car, so I would have no way to pick it up anyway. I just moved to the area the area, so maybe when I'm more familiar with the area, I'll find something. If I could get it delivered, that would be ideal, but for now I'll have to keep buying peat moss, even though I'm not thrilled about it.
Never. The only time I've ever been bored was when I was in school (elementary, high school, college) and when I had an office job. When I am free to do what I want, it's impossible to be bored.
Hi, I've had 3 or 4 nanny jobs, and I have always brought my son. But it might be more difficult with bringing more than one kid. Nannying is a great source of income, but it does have its drawbacks. I won't do it again, I expect. But I'm kind of a hermit... even though I like kids a lot. I always had school aged children which I hated, because of the homework thing and they didn't really know how to play, so there was a lot of TV watching and junk food eating.  
I got mine back a couple of days before my son turned 3. He nursed during the day and night. It was wonderful....  
I do! Since I moved into our house about 6 months ago. I won't use our compost for a year or so, so I can't answer on that. But there is no smell and it's quite easy. I use peat moss as a cover, since I don't have anywhere to get loads of sawdust. well, I use the small amount of sawdust that I make for the toys, but that's not enough for all the time.
When I made my son's I had no woodworking experience. All you really need is a jigsaw that you could buy or borrow and a drill and a finish sander, which most households have anyway. Get the lumber yard to cut the pieces of wood (1X12 pine) for you the lengths that you want so you don't have to worry about making a straight cut. Then all you have to do is cut out a circle for the sink bowl, and a window for the oven door and a swoop of some sort for the sides. You can...
lol, greenacresmama, you need to come to my small town and live next door! The house behind us is actually going to be for sale. Of course, this isn't exactly green acres. It's an old steel mill town, where the steel mills are mostly shut down. I have a very small lot, but the lot above us is empty, and there is some "wild" area behind us as well. Co-small-towning sounds awesome. What shocked you about Soulemama's blog? Maybe I should read it, but I thought is was just...
Yes, exclusively toys for now, but I would love to find other sources of income. I would really like to be a market gardener as well, but I don't really have the land for it. I would also like to get some farm work, I really enjoyed working at an organic farm in Florida last year. If the farmer was nicer, I would probably still be there. :)
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