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Hi, Does anyone know if there is an Azure Standard drop point in RI or SE MA? Thanks!
Hi, I'm just starting out with trying to switch to a traditional diet and I wanted to have some whey on hand. I followed the recipe in Nourishing Traditions to make whey and cream cheese from raw milk. The cream cheese smells pretty sour. I've added some sea salt and basil to it and stuck it in the fridge to see if it does any good. Does the fact that the cream cheese smells sour mean that the whey is no good? Or, can I still use it for soaking grains? What should the whey...
Keeping an eye on the sky but hopefully we will be there - he, she and I
We will be there! Can't wait - seems like forever since we have been to playgroup.
No rain here but since it's raining there, I think we'll plan on staying home too...good day to catch up on stuff around the house maybe
I think it's too early to tell - I wait to see what the sky is doing at around 9am before deciding...I think the weather people are still using the dart board method of prediction up until about an hour before the weather they actually predict ;-) But, I'm happy to come to playgroup on Thursday too!!!
We are at Humbolt - It's not that bad in the shade. There is a little breeze. Hope others can make it!
Thanks! It does look like it is getting lighter out here too. Maybe I can get this old bag of bones in gear after all...
Are people still going today? Looks like rain is predicted all day...Last night was rough sleep wise so plan to just take it easy this morning if it doesn't look like playgroup will happen...
Hi - I live in RI and received a jury duty summons while pregnant with my second child. I was due to appear in court just a week or so after my due date. I called the number on the form and they excused me no questions asked...did not have to appear the day of or wait to hear back or anything. I've always wanted to serve on a jury so I was dissapointed at the timing and hope I get called again...But...anyway...sounds like RI is pretty easy anyway - I mean, they didn't even...
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