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We were going to head out to your house in a few minutes. We can leave at 11 if you have somewhere to go
I think I'm going to pass today, it looks like the rain is going to start any minute and it is very cold...
We'll be there
I won't be able to go...my Mom's in the hospital so I need to go visit her. Hopefully things will be easier next week since she should be home by then. Hope everyone has fun!
Ahhh! Sarah - never answer the phone on a day off ;-) We'll miss you if you don't get to stop by...
I think I heard at the last playgroup I went to that MMH's practice is now doing home births...
We'll be there! Looking forward to seeing everyone and enjoying another beautiful playgroup day. Sarah - I'm really going to try to remember those books! I actually have a bunch you might like, I'll bring them all.
I think the Yahoo group is just for discussions that don't really pertain to the scheduling or location of playgroup. I think we were still intending this forum for organizing playgroup and for new members to be able to find us and join us if they wanted...correct me if I am wrong though
Wow - 4/14 and looks like no April thread? Anyway - just in case there are people checking here for updates....today playgroup is at Humbolt this morning...
I think I have the 11am slot - right Kristen? Can't wait!
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