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Ok Ariana! I'll email you my cell # in case you need it and don't have it...
I am so freakin excited for playgroup today!!! I am just giddy and wiggly and can't wait to see everyone! Ariana - I hope your tax appt goes super fast! If you want to drop Amy off at the park - I'm happy to keep an eye on her while you are at your appointment...
Quote: count us in for this thursday at the westport playground! what time did everyone have in mind? mornings from 9 to 11 or afternoons from 3 to 5 are good for us........ and im all for weekly events down here in our neck of the woods I can only do mornings - I'll get there as close to 9 as I can. I work till 8am...See you then!
Hi! sorry it took me so long to reply. We should be there tomorrow - there may be some really big puddles in the sand box just to let you know - last time we had this much rain the puddle was huge! Right now I think I think I just want the Tiger stripped Hugga legs - it looks like we are going to have to do some serious work to our lower level due to this flood so I can't spend as much as I'd like - thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by mmoruno2000 Hi all, I am from Pawtucket and desperately looking for like-minded mommy's. I have a 14 month old son and my fiance and I are APers. I have nothing in common with most women I come in contact with and was referred to this site I and my fiance work full time (opposite shifts) but I would love to get my son out of the house a couple times a month to socialize with other children of natural mommy's and daddy's. Thanks...
It'd be great to put our blankets near the swings that way when the kids wanted to swing, we were still near the group Anyone planning to go tomorrow if the weather cooperates? We are hoping to be there...
That's great! I know I want the tiger striped hugga legs (I can't remember if that is the exact name) from the sale section. I'll have to look more though - thanks! Did you end up going to Toe Jam today? We haven't been yet though I've heard a lot of nice things about it. We went to the Wee Read program at the South Dartmouth library today. It was very nice. Looks like the next nice day is Thursday so I am planning to go to the Westport playground that day.
Marija - did your store move with you?
I hope you had a nice turnout! I WILL make it to one of these meetings some day! I've got to share the Chunei love since these carriers seem seriously under represented considering how easy they are to use
Quote: Originally Posted by marija_jane Amberoxy, I think I can meet you next Tuesday in Westport. Marija Unfortunately, I had a change in plans and can not make it next Tuesday - we are going to Saltmarsh Pottery to get Anika's hand / foot prints done. It is a gift from my parents and that was the day they could go. I'm so sorry to have to cancel at the last minute! I'll update here though if there are other days we can make it there.
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