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We are hoping to make it tomorrow morning... Amanda, I am usually there by around 9:30am. I have brown hair and two blonde kids - one is a baby girl that looks like a cabbage patch doll The other is a 2 yo boy. Sam and Anika - hope to see you!
Nothing wrong with the little boxes! We can certainly dye the eggs that way if you would like to bring that
Hi all! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a play group egg coloring activity at my house on Friday 4/2? I have requested the day off from work. I will supply the eggs, snacks and a place where we can be messy. I thought maybe participants could bring their favorite coloring tools? I've only ever used Paas but I am guessing that since all of you are way more artistic than I am, you've got way cooler methods for coloring eggs. Sound like fun?
Quote: Originally Posted by plantmama That's so funny Shalonne! I was just trying to ec with Sabina but it feels like I'm trying too late because she has already gotten used to using diapers. Plus we are out and about too much for it to be practical full time. PLUS, she gets cold diaper free and even though I know when she's going to poop I can't usually predict a pee, so putting pants on her seems silly, anyway... You wouldn't necessarily be wasting...
Thanks Sarah! Anything would be great - I just need something I can use to get an idea of how often she pees. I can't go completely diaper free yet though...
Pizza night sounds great!!! Does anyone have any Anika size pre-folds they are not using? I am trying to EC her so I want to use pre-folds at home but I'm not positive I will stick with it so I didn't want to spend the money on them. I can give them back when I am done or when they are needed back...Anika is almost 16 pounds and is kind of short and squishy as opposed to long and lean...
Turns out we won't be able to make it today. Anika has pink eye and was up most of last night. I don't want to infect anyone else and I am just also too tired to drive anywhere. I hope everyone has fun sledding!
Will anyone be hosting this week? We have a chiropractic appointment with Kelly on Wed morning so we can't host but we were going to show up after the appointment if we were getting together...Miss everyone!!!
Unfortunately, it looks like everyone may need to be out . Snow is falling and there is accumulation on my street already. Since I am on a side road, no idea when it will be treated / plowed. I think the safest thing will be for people to stay home.
Great!!! We'll be ready for by 9:30am - can't wait to see you!
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