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Definetely no trouble!!! I'd love to have you and anyone else who wants to come I even have Johnny Cake mix
Yes, it has been switched to Wednesday - you are right Do you want to come here tomorrow?
We can do Thursday or I can host tomorrow...or both Can't get too much playgroup! Plus, I need a reason to clean my house , other than the whole good hygiene thing ...
We should be able to make it too! Barring any other unforseen sicknesses or plumbing disasters What time is good for you Ariana?
Thanks! It turned out to be a good thing that I stayed home. One of our pipes sprung a leak and I had to turn the water off until my brother in law could get here to fix it.
Hi all - I seem to have a bad cold so I don't think I'm going to go today. I'm sneezing an awful lot and would hate to get everyone else sick. This thing just kind of snuck up on me all of a sudden. I'm so sorry to have to cancel out at the last minute, I really wanted to see everyone! Kristen, I'll bring the clothes next time - it is no trouble at all
Great! Unless something horrendous happens, we will be there I have a bunch of clothes that Anika is no longer using. Would you like them? I can bring them with me...
I could probably make in on Thursday morning?
I wish I could but Kelly (chiro) wants to see Anika again about her hips. That usually takes the whole morning since it is a long drive. Hopefully next week! I can host
I just wanted to let everyone know that next week I will not be able to host or go to playgroup because Anika has a doctor's appointment. Looks like we won't see everyone for a while...
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