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I too have a potty mouth. I hate it. Ugh! My daughter has sworn on only a couple of occasions which i'm ever so thankful for b/c I swear often. I'll be starting therapy soon for some other issues and I want to talk to my therapist about this as well. I have to be extra careful though b/c it would really look bad for my dd to be swearing at her conservative christian pre-school.
Congrats on making the RIGHT decision to cut this toxic and unstable person off! It's NOT an easy decision but often doing the right thing and doing the easy thing are at crossroads with each other. What does your dh think about this? Is he on board? If not, I would print all this and show him the responses. I would also be prepared for the "flying monkeys." "Flying monkey" or "FM" are people that are sent to corral/do the dirty work for someone. It's a term that...
As a mother you have a responsibility to keep your children away from anyone that is unstable. Anyone. Her behavior is bizarre, abnormal, and she sounds like she is most certainly unstable. This is completely cut-off "worthy" imo. I'm surprised at your dh's blase' attitude. Of course he grew up with her so he views it as normal most likely when the rest of the world would see the crazy for what it is. Hope you make the right decision.
"I'll give your suggestion all the consideration it deserves."
Quote: Originally Posted by laohaire Oh. I missed that part where she kind of disinvited you. Yeah, I'm changing my mind. Don't go. I'd tell her beforehand that you weren't going, so she wouldn't wonder on the day of the wedding if you were going to show up or not. And I'd try to be adult about it and not make it like a "so there!" kind of thing - just "I'd been thinking about what you said about there being no reason to continue our relationship and...
Quote: Originally Posted by suebee79 I agree with this. I mean, the safety issue would be the biggest thing; that and the destruction of your stuff. I would have a very hard time not being a wee bit angry over my makeup being ruined, I must admit. There just doesn't seem to be an easy answer here. I would focus on these things when talking with mum rather than the older boys' play. Good luck! I agree.
I think you did the right thing. KUP on how everything turns out.
"Be the bigger person" is a tidly little euphemism for "be a doormat and allow yourself to get crapped on repeatedly and endlessly and don't DARE say anything about it." i'm sorry that your emotionally abusive husband cares so little for the mental, and possibly, physical safety of his wife and children. You're posts always sadden me deeply. Almost to the core at times JSMa. Obviously, I wouldn't go and wouldn't allow your dh to bring your dd. The pp are right...
Wow! I am praying for a fast and speedy recovery and for strenght for the parents as well. I was in the hospital for 5 days with my 2yo when she was 5wks old. NOT fun!
depends on how much i like them.
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