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any updates?
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride Yeah. I'm not really that optimistic myself. I know how many times my ex had to kick me in the head (figuratively speaking), before I figured out that there was no way I could prevent the headaches. It was a lot. Yes, but you did eventually figure it out. Maybe she will too?
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride In fairness to her friend, I'm not sure I'd choose in the middle of a high-risk, stressful pregnancy to make all the life changes involved in a separation, or even take on counseling. Maybe she's putting together a post-baby plan of action... One can only hope.
whoever thought up that slogan should get a raise.:
on the rare occasions where your baby sister actually lets me put her down when she's sleeping, do me a big effing favor and DON'T follow me into the room, start talking and making noise and then when I ask you NICELY to "shh" and tell you QUIETLY "sister's sleeping" get p'od at me for DARING to ask you to be quiet and immediately go into temper tantrum mode right by the effing playard and wake her up.
bump for updates.
tacky. sorry.
Quote: Originally Posted by KirstenMary If he is drinking because he needs it, then it's too much, regardless of the number. I agree.
lately i've been so incredibly exhausted that it's becoming a problem. i literally can't stay awake, especially the morning time. i think i may be deficient but not sure in what. i've had my thyroid checked as well as my hct and hgb. all were normal. i am nursing and got pg w/ my third when my second was 10mos. i also had two c-sections as well. i think my body is just plain wore out. is thery any supplements that you ladies and gents could recommend? i wouldn't be...
I'd definately video it! I hope you nail this guy to the wall.
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