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are there tests that will test every vitamin/mineral in your body to see if your deficient? if so, how/where can i get them? thanks.
Help ladies! I am needing some lunch ideas for my 2yo for when she goes to pre-school next month. I don't want to seen too much processed food unless it's an in a pinch kind of thing. Any suggestions? Also, nothing with cheese. She LOATHES cheese. I mean really, really despises it or anything with it. Grrrrrr.
frankly, it sounds like your dh isn't on board with setting boundaries with his dad/family. i wouldn't do this. it won't be good for you, your marriage, or your family. you've already stated you've been working on your FIL not undermining your parenting for 5yrs. That's about 4yrs 364 days too long. Anyone undermining my parenting is a dealbreaker for me. I put my own mother in a time-out over her behavior when my middle daughter was a baby. I don't play around with this...
I know little about nutrition. I wish I knew a lot more so that when I went to the store I would just automatically know what's good, what's not, what are good substitutes, etc but I just don't. I hate it. I really really do. I would LOVE to know how to read labels to choose more wisely as well. I have been very seriously considering changing mine and my families eating habits to be as healthy as possible. I don't even know how to cook fresh veggies, only canned! It's...
Quote: Originally Posted by mysticmomma I'd LOVE power wheels! Ditto! I've always wanted one for me Dh and I will be getting dd one when she turns 3. I'm already super excited. That being said, your FIL was absolutely out of line with talking to your child about before talking the parents first. That is a REALLY "big ticket" item that parents should definately have a say in. Does he know how opposed you and dh are to them? Maybe he purposely...
I'm on WIC and EBF. If not for WONDERFUL breastfeeding peer counselors I wouldn't have kept it up with my middle daughter. I got a free hand pump as well.
So glad you had a good day! You certainly deserved it.
that's crazy talk.
about 8ish weeks before we got comfy and things have been going really really well since she was about 3mos old.
Quote: Originally Posted by KimberlyD0 Honestly I think its making a mountain out of a mole hill. After all you even said that there was a book there that advocates BF. If there is an issue with a child having a doll with a bottle, simply remove the bottle before giving them a doll. DD#1 has never seen me use a bottle for DD#2, yet she still loves her bottles for her babies. Mind you, even though they never get juice, I noticed its always...
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