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I have in a pinch. Thank goodness for big ole' saggy bewbs!
Um, NO, that is NOT normal! How much longer do you have to stay there?
So, I went to my PCP, who is a woman but I can't tolerate her. Told her about the thrush for the first time ever a couple of weeks ago, followed by mastitis, followed by what I believe is now thrush in the ducts, explained all my symptoms, trips to the er, meds I'm on now for the mastitis, etc. She gives me a new rx for Keflex. What the frick for I have no idea. The iv clindamycin as well as the oral clindamycin have cleared up the mastitis quite well. It's the THRUSH...
Is this safe to use while nursing? I've heard conflicting info on whether it needs to be washed off or not before nursing.
I am almost healed from the mastitis I had over the weekend and I am 99.9%positive that I have yeast in my milk ducts. it is EXTREMELY painful to nurse. I am hoping my dr will write me a script for some mega doses of diflucan as well as something for the pain. Advil is a complete joke at this point. Are these drugs safe to take while nursing? If so, what is the dose?
I am almost positive I have thrush IN the breast. It all started a couple of weeks ago, turned into mastitis and tonight out of nowhere very sharp, shooting pains and it is again VERY painful to nurse. I guess I will get back on the gv, get some GSE and get some mega doses of diflucan. Grrrrr. I'm already on acidophilous and dd is on Jarrow's as well. I thought I had the thrush beat but apparently not.
"stop sticking your hand in your diaper and playing with your poo"
I think you need a new therapist. Your current one sucks quite frankly.
I sometimes do but am really trying hard as my almost 2yo repeats everything. IMO, i'd rather a child say a swear word than "retard" or something similar.
to dd (10)-Girl, I don't know who the hayell you think you're talkin to and who you think you're rolling your eyes at, but, it's not me b/c i am NOT the one! You got that??? Excuse me, did I just see you roll your eyes at me? No? I thought not! to dd (21mos) stop climbing on everything. stop hitting, biting, scratching and snatching your older sister's glasses off and running when she doesn't do something you want her to do! she's getting REALLY fed up with your crap...
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