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I know it stains baby's mouth, but, does the staining go away? How long does it usually take? How effectie is gentian violet? Is it worth it? Thanks.
I personally would seek help. You should be very proud of yourself for getting out of that toxic situation you were in before. Many women would stay.
bathing is optional, not mandatory a wild and crazy night is staying up past 10pm sex? what's that? pee and spit-up are the perfect accessory to any outfit you trade your "adult" shows for noggin/sprout, etc and know all the songs by heart
gets on my last nerve.
Your dh's ex won't give you dr/insurance info b/c she doesn't want anything to be documented. Very sly. Yeah, and I don't know why she'd lie about the note being sent home either.
I can understand why you might be upset with your MIL. It does sound like there is some undercurrent of tension between you two that needs to be resolved-by your dh. His mother, his problem, his responsibility to talk to her. It also sounds like there might be some jealousy on your part b/c you can't be home with him more which is also understandable. That being said, you also sound controlling and seem like you have a lot of "rules" in regards to your son, i.e....
Quote: Originally Posted by snoopy5386 I also have a sometimes nasty MIL (actually I have 2 MILs, one sweet as pie and the other......) and my mom is no prize either, BUT my DD is their grandchild and it gives them great joy to spend time with her and DD loves it too, so we do it. I don't do it for me, but for their relationship. Just remember, someday you will be the MIL, how would you feel if your DIL avoided your calls, didn't bring your...
until dd gets boobs of her own to play with!
What are the symptoms that something I am eating could be upseting my dd? I think it may be dairy, but, I'm not sure. Lots of spitting up and gas. Sometimes the gas is painful, sometimes not. Her poops have no blood in them and are seedy/mustard-colored, etc. Could it just be "her" and not something I'm eating? I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY don't want to cut out dairy if I don't have to. I am a total dairy eater and it would be quite difficult for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by rainbowmoon Not really, unless her mom has been financially supporting the grandchild for a certain amount of time the "grandparents rights" thing will NOT ever come into play. to OP this sounds like an awful situation! do not engage her!!!! I understand this completely, but, the OP's mom sounds like she really thinks she is just as much the parent. I know she wouldn't win, but, she could TRY to go this route....
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