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I think you should stay out of it.  Invite everyone and who attends will attend.  You can't change anyone or force them to behave differently if you don't like their behavior.  Since you don't know any of the details (and there really is no reason you should if they don't want to share) you have no idea how "valid" your MIL's reasons for cutting off contact are, and really, she doesn't need anyone to validate her feelings - they are valid to her.   I'm sorry your...
Mamas, I need your help.  DS is 3.5 and is really starting to worry me.  He is not potty trained yet.  We are working on it, and sometimes he will sit on the potty, but so far it isn't happening.  Also, DS was sick with hand, foot, and mouth this past week.  The last 2 days he has been (I'm guessing) holding his pee.  He will pee like only 1 or 2 times in an entire day regardless of how many fluids he is taking in.  We can give him 40 oz of liquid and he will just. not....
Perhaps it is only disgusting to you.  I love all my trees!  I would be livid if a neighbor "trimmed" or cut down anything on my property.  And that did happen before...they are lucky I never found out who did it!  Our neighbor has a tree that hangs into our driveway.  I walked over, asked him if he would mind if I trimmed it so it would stop scraping the top of my car.  He trimmed it for me.  Easy peasy.  I'm curious why you would plant a veggie bed in the shade of a...
We donated an old car to the Boy Scouts.  My DH did all the paperwork ,etc.  About a year or 2 later we received a summons in the mail that we were being sued by the City of Chicago....50 miles away....because the car was found abandoned with drugs in it and we were the registered owners.  What a firestorm that was!  It took a lot of calls and wrangling to get this fixed....it was going to be a $3k fine!!
I'd get rid of the dog.  Simple.
I don't "do anything" that would lead anyone to assume I am christian.  It seems to be people's default setting.  I actually find it rather offensive.   
I've used EcoSmart.  The smell is overwhelming to me (like cinnamon) but it seems to work!
Another vote for OSHA.  There should be regulations posted in an easily visible location with phone numbers (at least this is the case in my state.)
Do you have a custody agreement in place?  Does it say anything about visitation?  Make your rules and stick with them.  Don't apologize, don't explain, don't cave.  If you are a broken record they will eventually get the hint.
That.  So tired of people just assuming I am christian, or if not christian then nothing, and then being sad for me because they think that.  I am tired of the subtle and not so subtle pressure to adhere to christian values and ideology when I don't believe in it at all.  I am tired of the proselytizing and bible quotes for people trying to prove I am "wrong".  I am tired of people wrapping christianity up within the context of being a good citizen or worthwhile person. ...
New Posts  All Forums: