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I have a totally bizarre sounding request. My sister is due the end of July and lives in Troy MI. She is talking about breastfeeding, etc. BUT while I know how great it is and Bf my own kids I am not sure it is the right choice for her. Her lifestyle is questionable at best. She is excited about the baby but she is 37 and this is her first and she is sooooo not a kid person. I am hoping she surpises us all but my gut instinct is she is the type that will wind up on the...
I try to stay out of eye shot but in ear shot when DfS (we are planning on adoption) is getting therapy. He is 6 months. OT he is now tolerating for the most part - PT he cries for most of it. His sessions are only 30 minutes. Both therapists take breaks to console him & rock him if he gets that worked up - if he is having a really bad day we stop. Its not effective therapy if the baby is completely stressed & fighting against them. Id talk to them - I know our...
did you call your bank to see if the funds were pending
ours went in today - id everyone who needed theirs get their deposit?
my date stayed the same & they added 300. said I made a mistake on them somewhere.
We love our suburban - It seats 8. We have 4 in carseats & occassionally have DFD's nurse with us on outtings so its perfect - roomy for storage too. Plus its American made. DH's family has a long history of GM employees so thats all we will buy. Ive had a trailblazer before kids & loved it, a saturn vue with 1 kid - 50/50 on that one - I liked how it handled but the backseat was too small.
TT said ours will be in on the 6th too - I hope it goes through that day!!!!
- LOL I just talked to our private agency & CPS workers. Miss Sassy's mom is due in a few weeks - actual edd is 2/3 but there are talks of her being induced due to health issues. They are still deciding if they are going to remove the new baby but if they do they are willing to grant us a variance in our license to take the baby as well. That would put us at a 4.5 yo bio daughter, 2.5 yo fd w/ downs syndrome, 6 mo fs, 3mo bio daughter, & a newborn. We must be crazy to...
So we may be able to claim Baby M who was born in July but discharged directly from the nicu to us? who would we talk to to verify.
I was 27 & DH 29 when we were licensed - I look about 20 most days. We have been questioned about our abilities from hospital staff since we are a primary medical needs home. But once I start talking about the issues at hand they shut up. I wouldnt rule out infants due to those issue though - A lot of Babies could really benefit from an AP mama. Our foster son is VERY bonded with me. I swear he smells me when I walk in the room. We got him from the nicu @4 weeks & he...
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