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My mom gave be a box of bon-bons this year with a note that said "For you to enjoy when you're resting and relaxing over this Christmas break!"  (I work in a school and had 2 weeks off.)   Ummm... yeah.... I have a 5 YO and an 18 MO, no money, and no babysitters / childcare over the holiday.  Plus DH didn't have any extra time off.  I don't know WTH she was thinking I was doing on my big "vacation."  Locking my kids in the basement while I lounged around watching soap...
Argh why are car seat decisions sooooo overwhelming?!?!?   Anyway.. I have a 5 year old.  60 pounds.  48 inches (4 feet) tall.  Any suggestions for a seat where he can remain in a 5-pt harness?   It's going in the second row of a Toyota Sienna, so size is not an issue.   Not sure if you care about the background, but he's currently in a True Fit that we need to pass down to his baby brother.   I set aside $150, but that can go up a bit if we have to.
I get it, OP.  It's not about the sweets and TV, is it?  It's about the fact that it feels like your mom is railroading you.  Everything is up for discussion.  You say "No sweets" and now she is obsessed with the sweets- pushing and pushing and pushing.  Same thing with the TV.  It's kind of like the forbidden fruit with your mom- once you said it was off limits, she decided that sweets and TV were the only way she could POSSIBLY have fun with her...
I am so, so sorry, mama.  There are just no words.   I wish you peace.
OMG... these are priceless!  I remember rolling around in the "way back" of our 1978 Chevy station wagon on long car trips.  Seat belts?!?!?  Ha!  And I remember fighting with my sister over who would sit in the front seat from when we were very young.
I was cleaning out an old box and found my mom's calendar from 1973, the year I was born.   She started me on solids (rice cereal) when I was EIGHT DAYS OLD!     I think fruit at 4 weeks, and vegetables at 8 weeks.  My how times have changed!
DS is 4-months-old.  For the past 6 weeks or so I have been losing strands and strands of hair.  Not in chunks, so I don't have any bald spots or anything, but every time I run my fingers through my hair I lose strands and strands of hair.  And when I take a shower it is crazy!!!  It seems like hundreds of strands come out with each wash / rinse.   I'm still on vitamins.  Anyone have any ideas?
Ummmm..... so I posted pictures of my two LOs, like, almost two weeks ago and NOBODY has given me and/or them any love!  WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?!?!?!?   Tell me how beautiful my kids are, y'all!  
Erika... I am so sorry to hear that the blues are already starting for you.  Oh no!  Pull up a chair and tell us about it when you have time.  It sounds like this was also an issue in the past?
Thanks, Erika, for the info on how to post pictures! Here are my 2 loves.  Thanks for letting me show off!          
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