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Congratulations!  What a lovely name!  I hope you can share a picture soon.   And I am so sorry that the surgery was such a challenge for you.  Many  for a quick recovery.  You are in my thoughts.
What a cutie!  Those lips are just too kissable.  Congratulations on Sequoia's safe arrival!   And a one hour labor and one push?!?!?!?  Where do I sign up to make that happen?  
I love your son's name!  Congratulations on his safe arrival and many best wishes for a QUICK NICU stay.     Can't wait to see a picture!
What a beauty!  Such a sweet, serene face.  Welcome to the world, little one!   And as someone who is planning to have an epidural and may have to be induced due to several risk factors, I appreciate your story.  I haven't read your other thread, but this one comes across as quite a lovely experience.  Congratulations.
  Congratulations, mama!  What a gut-wrenching process you had to go through to reach this point.  Many, many best wishes for a wonderful babymoon.
I'm a ONE graduate from a while ago who checks in once in a while.... hope you don't mind.     Congrats to all of the BFPs!  (And, that one much-wanted BFN!)  Way to go, ladies-and-babies! My fingers and toes are crossed to each and every one of you.   Deborah-  Remember me?  I've been thinking about you a lot the last week or so.  I know this has to be an excruciating month for you.  I hope you're hanging in there.
Glad to hear you're in a good place.... both mentally and geographically!   And LMAO at the visual of a 40-weeker on a trampoline!  OMG if that were me you'd have to haul me off with a crane!!!
    You know, that's a really good way of looking at it.  I think reading all of the descriptions of all the different stages of labor all at once is what made me start to feel so overwhelmed.  Like, OMG, in a matter of weeks I'm going to be in, like, 24 hours of varying stages of physical misery.     But it doesn't all happen at once, does it?  Just a minute at a time.     My first labor was induced with Pitocin due to PROM, and I made it through 11 hours of Pit...
Did you have your Independence Day baby?!?!?!?     Inquiring minds and all that......
These descriptions are kind of scaring me..... And I've done this before!  I had an epi though.   
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