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Hi Lawrence Mamas,   We are needing to find a practice that is homeschooler friendly, and by that I mean, won't write us off just because we homeschool.  It has become apparent over the last couple of well-child visits that our doc has little/to no respect for me.  We are pretty mainstream and we actually do vaccinate so that is not a point of contention.  Our kids are all healthy and well-adjusted and there are no learning difficulties etc. -we are pretty...
Rena Figures out of Topeka would be an excellent choice.  She was wonderful and she has a very nice presence and nature about her.  She is highly capable and trained.  I can personally highly recommend her.  Definitely set an appointment to meet her and see if she is a good fit for you!     http://www.topekamidwife.com/
Shucks!  I lost my post I had worked on so this is a truncated response...   Previous preg.s gave me lots of practice...   AND  i visited this site often... http://www.glorialemay.com/blog/?p=107   wish i could have typed more-lost it hitting weird key combo somehow-NAK ugh!!!   wishing you happy healthy birth,   Rosa
Quote: Originally Posted by rainbow_mandala    Wow...this is kinda freaky...I'm also in this DDC and I had a little girl who we named Isabella Violeta and she looks a lot like your baby (also about 10 lbs. at birth)   How wonderful!  What a lovely name:)  You have impeccable taste.   Congratulations on your UC.  Your baby girl is just beautiful.  Love the pic of you nursing.    We did awesome!   Best,   Rosa
Isn't it amazing how quickly they change and grow?  So much fun:)   Thanks,   Rosa
Awww-you guys have great taste!  So what names did you decide on?     My eldest Dd is 4 and she was almost Isabel Violet.  We had a list of names and decided on Sophia Rose for our eldest and left Isabel Violet on the list and it worked out perfectly for our baby girl!  We got to use our other fave name.
Hi there,   Introducing...   Isabel Violet February 12, 2011 3:37pm 10 lbs ~6 oz. 21.5 inches   I was originally due January 29th but I went to 42 weeks exactly!  Soooo I lurked here just in case I went over-and of course I did-and here we are!    
Thank you!   My first 3 were all baldies too.  Isabel has a natural wave to her hair so each time I bathe her it waves up and then it stays however it dries-lol  It is a new experience for me-to manage newborn hair.   Hope you are enjoying life with your twins and new babe.   All the best,   Rosa  
Isabel Violet February 12, 2011 3:37pm 10 lbs ~6 oz 21.5 inches   She was born at exactly 42 weeks peacefully at home.  Active labor was about 3 hours and I pushed for maybe 15 minutes!  Only a labial skidmark from her having her fist up by her head. How awesome is that?! My first baby to have so much hair at birth:)  I'll add the full birth story later.   Isabel (soft s pronunciation) Violet is our 4th child.   Newborn and 6 weeks......
Forgive me-I just stumbled upon this thread and your third point really resonated with me. I understand your point.   I hear from so many birth professionals-mainly doulas-that we, as birthing mothers, need to take responsibility for our decisions.  However, no one seems to really want it pointed out that so many of us young moms who are having our first child-who so sorely want to do what is best for our babes and ourselves-have any kind of "legacy of birth knowledge" to...
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