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I totally understand the desire to "wring their necks"!  I have a fierce mama bear instinct, I suspect partly because my oldest son is quite timid (although he's getting past that a bit).     Anyhow, I recently had several conversations with my son about his day camp in which he expressed the fear of bullies. It was obvious that he wasn't just nervous about starting something now, but specifically being bullied.  I told him that there will always be bullies around -...
I live in the desert so it gets prohibitively hot for about 3 months.  Along with the great ideas already mentioned, we pay for an indoor playground.  I think I paid $60 for both of my kids last summer, and they loved it.  Best of all it is very comfortable for adults to sit and enjoy coffee with friends while keeping a close eye on our kids.  The one where I live is called Child's Play...not sure if it is a franchise.
Yup, you've nailed it! Frosting is absorbed through the inside cheek, so even if the baby isn't eating the sugar source, the sugar gets to the blood stream. Not true with much else save an injection of glucagon, something we try to avoid.
That was actually a rhetorical question, but clearly you don't have an infant with diabetes.
I was *so* going to be the perfect parent with my first child - breastfed, wore baby all the time, yadda yadda.  At 6 months old he was diagnosed with diabetes.  My husband and I long joked that our son's first solid food was blue frosting.  How else are you going to raise a baby's blood sugar when they are going low? :)  
wow, what a wild ride! After having two vaginal deliveries, I was not expecting a c-section! I was ten days overdue, so went in Moday for my scheduled induction. I received my two rounds of antibiotics for being gbs+, then was given cercidal since I was still oly 1 cm dilated and just 50%effaced, same as I had been at 36weeks. Apparently I have a very comfortable womb! I don't think Tabitha was planning on coming out any time soon. I started getting pretty regular...
Well I go in tonight at 2am for my induction. Tomorrow I will be ten days overdue, so I am glad my doc was comfortable enough to not give me a hard time about going this long. I feel fortunate that I will only have to go back to work for four days before summer break (I am a teacher), and the days I go back are half days because of finals, so I can go home to grab the baby then come back to work each day to grade tests and calculate final grades. I was really fretting...
I'm sorry mama...hugs to you.  I hear ya on the grumpiness.  I'm 41 weeks tomorrow, still 1cm dilated and 50% effaced, same as I've been since 36 weeks.  My induction is scheduled for Monday (lucky the doc didn't give me a hard time about going overdue - I can't really ask for more than 10 days), and I'm so tired of being pregnant that I am actually looking forward to NOT going into labor this weekend so I can have the induction - seems so much easier on my exhausted body...
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