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LOL always happy to see a Star Trek reference. :)  
Yay yay yay!  Congratulations! 
Wow, that was amazing!  How fantastic for you to be able to share the birth with family/friends like that.  I wiped more than a few tears away while watching.  
She is beautiful! Congratulations!
Well, I haven't BTDT but I'm about to do that (due any day now, and have a cosleeping 21 month old).  I opted for the arms reach because I need to have *some* space in bed!  I have it set up already, and I can see it working out just fine as long as the baby is happy there.  It's the full sized one, so plenty of space for her for many months and this way my floppy toddler can take up all the room he needs.
You can try evening primrose oil.  But in all honesty, I'd try to let go of the desire for a "perfect" birth.  There is only so much you can control when it comes to labor and birth.  Your babe isn't going to come until s/he is ready (barring an induction), so you can try all of the tricks, but they are only going to get labor started when your body is ready.  Try to enjoy each day knowing that soon you are going meet your sweet baby!
Wow what a story, and WOW what a beautiful baby. Congratulations!
She Is beautiful! Congratulations!
You and I have the same induction date. but on the 25th I will be 41+3. Last time I held my ground with m doc who really wanted to induce me early because he was worried the baby would be big. I can't remember how I got him to let me go until 41 weeks, but I ended up going into natural labor just before my induction. As it turns out, he was a big baby, just like my first, both of whom I was able to birth vaginally with a little help with my OB's skilled hands. Maybe...
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