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Holy cow, I just read that link and didn't realize that's what I have!  I just thought I have normal pregnancy woes.  Rolling over in bed is so painful, as is when I first stand up to walk.  I just thought the baby had been sitting low for many weeks now.  I didn't realize I had a "condition" LOL.  
Congratulations!     And yeah, I've noticed so many really fast labors so far!
Oh how I dread the cervical checks! I dare not try one on myself because both the OB and the physicians assistant have a hard time finding it, I know I would never be able to. And boy doesit hurt when they are looking! I never realized before just how big my OB's hands are. But even the PA with her small hands caused me so much pain that I am going to use the opportinity at my next appointment to practice my hypnosis techniques to try to numb the area ahead of time.
She is beautiful! Congratulations!
So, in my misery of these last few weeks of pregnancy, where the days seem to drag in endless misery while I try to keep up with my 6 year old and toddler, I've been feeling like "a few more weeks" seemed like an endless abyss of pregnancy.  While I was laying down with my toddler today, I realized that there is a very real end in sight.  That I am at the point to counting down the days instead of the long weeks - which seems so much more bearable.  My due date is April...
Thanks so much for sharing your story!  It sounds like it was intense, but wow, so fast!  
All I can provide is some personal reflection about my in-laws, who I can't say I feel any hatred toward but who I don't particularly like.  It's taken my quite awhile to come to the place I am at, but it is a good place for me and my family.   For our young, pre-verbal children, they don't get to spend time alone with the in-laws unless absolutely necessary.  They just don't have common sense a lot of the time when it comes to little kids.  They adore my kids and...
With my last birth I listened to one of the tracks (can't remember which one) for many hours to keep focused.  This time around I'm not sure, but I will have them all cued up on my iPod just in case.  There are a couple that are specific to when you are in labor and pushing, so I want to have those ready to go.  Plus there is a Birthing Day affirmations track that is pretty good - I think I will listen to it in early labor to keep focused and positive.  I also want to...
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