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We put our 4.5 year old in tae kaon do for almost two years and it was awesome. We did it to boost his self confidence, but the discipline component was great as well. It was through ATA.so he had opportunities to compete (although at that age they all get medals, but we never told him that). He absolutely loved it and I don't regret it one bit. We only pulled him from it when the time commitment got too stressful on the family (it was four times per week by then...
I'm a minimalist - I prefer to carry very little so that it can fit in a medium sized purse.  For an infant, I carry a diaper and some wipes, a babywearing wrap (lately into my gypsymama, but may waffle with my maya ring sling this time around), and maybe an extra onesie.  If we are going a long way or planning on being out for many hours, I'll be sure to bring several diapers and a whole outfit change, but really that's it.  As they get older, I bring some snacks as...
Ohh what a fun thread! My best ever deal was at Goodwill  over a year ago.  I came across a Medela double electric breast pump with no price.  The lady at the checkout counter had no idea what it was and asked if $5 sounded fair.  I was stoked!  Of course my extreme thrift-minded mother just had to outdo me, and a few weeks later found the same pump at a garage sale for $3.  So now I have two pumps. :)   I've also gotten great brands (Gap and Motherhood) maternity...
  I don't have the CDs anymore (going to do labor from memory, but I've been able to numb myself since so I'm hopeful), but I remember being on the 3rd or 4th CD/track, where you get pretty deep into it, and I'd get soooo itchy!  I never really got past that, but kept listening to the CDs while I slept and switching off with the affirmations CD and was able to keep myself hypnotized for most of my labor (pitocin finally got to me).  Don't give up, try to work through it,...
If you think he might like fantasy books, I've rarely had a student (middle school) read The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan without loving it.  
The past week I've also been getting menstrual-like cramps that clearly are different from contractions or round ligament pain.  They pass fairly quickly and aren't regular, so for now I'm just keeping an alert eye, but will let my doc know if they become frequent or truly painful.
Hilariously true!
Bag Balm is a lifesaver at my house.  It heals wounds and dry skin quickly.  I use it i the winter for dry feet and hands, and we use it on my son's tush because he wears an insulin pump so he continually has a "cut" that needs to heal.  It heads in 2 days with bag balm, over a week without it.
I live in Las Vegas where it's very hot in the summer, so I opted for a gauze wrap instead of a moby.  There is more of a learning curve because it isn't as stretchy, but you can use it for much longer and it's not too hot to use.  I can't wait to use it again for this babe!
I'd really like to see MDC have a mobile skin
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