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probaly to old to reply...excuse the typing errors nak I am a 30 YIKES year old mom to 5 kiddos starting with a 12 year old dd to a 5 mth old ds. I know exactly what you all are going through.. People sometimes suck but hey all I usually say back is MY KIDS ROCK. They listen they behave and they are smart. I am glad that I was blessed with the opportunity to enjoy them.
Not sure if anyone remember me or not...Cale is getting big rolling and army crawling.. loves everyone and is so happy...no solids for him due to some nasty allergies. No teeth yet either.
A ton of woman never feel let down. SO that totally does not make you a freak. I am actually a LC and have heard this so much. so many woman think that since they don't feel it they aren't going to be able to nurse. But that is completley false. That ache is probaly your version of the let down reflex
Well honestly I think that I am all of your polar opposites... I am a conservative Christian I am a super clean freak We send to public school. I would get a non baby wearing CIO person, who doesn't clean and doesn't go to church
just got a solarveil one for my one month old and its so nice so far. Its from zolowear.com it was 80 here today and baby was comfy and not sweaty.
zolowear has the solarveil ones that are nice and breezy
signed up as well
Katrinka---at least no one said WOW he MUST look like the milk man...
we all have cute little boys...must have been the season of the boy..
Thought it would be fun.. Here is cale at 5 weekshttp://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b7...3/100_1588.jpg
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