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I was forced to go to church services for a long time. I really think they have a choice, my children can ask to go or they don't have to go now, and I would take them if they asked out of the blue (they have) . But I was forced, sometimes abusively, it really makes me question my faith and the purpose of why I needed to go.  I think because of my background, we don't have a strong faith in our family. I think if you don't go, you should offer the same choice to your...
I have it. I think I have what you are talking about. I haven't found anything to help either. I have 2 children. And one was horrible sleeper, waking every 2 hours for 3  years. Then I got pregnant and couldn't sleep. Then my second child slept pretty good for a while. Now she wakes like once. She is 27 months now. I wake sometimes every 2 hours, sometimes only once but am up for 2-3 hours. So I get like 5-6 hours up sleep, broken up. I have to get up with my other...
This may have a changed, a few years ago, the vbacs went to AAMC. They won't take vbac patients there. I don't know if they do care until birth, but the birth is at AAMC.
This may be too far for you, but I went to MD perinatal Associates in Frederick. They also have an office in Columbia  
I don't know...When I was given the epidural, everyone left the room, the doula, the midwife, so I assume it was policy. If you have hired your doula, you could ask her...they seem to know about the policies in a lot of hospitals AND how to nicely get around them.
I don't know about AAMC, but both hospitals I was with only allowed one person. I had a doula with my second and had a repeat c-section, after trying to vbac. The doula was not with me in the OR, but she was in recovery. Both ORs were kind of small, I am not sure if there would be enough physical room for another person.
Did she mean the OR or the birthing room?
Your pelvis story sounds the same as mine, my midwife asked me if I was ever in a car wreck or fell off a horse, she asked while I was in labor pushing! I had no clue what she was talking about. After I all I had an 8 pound baby near vaginal birth, vacuum assist didn't work, so I got a c-section. My second baby, was even harder, she was stuck higher up. She was only 6 pounds! I think it is all the way the baby is positioned (for the pelvis thing, I was told there was not...
Thanks, I would actually be ok with finding absorption issues or something - I guess that would be understandable. although other than skin reactions, she has no other issues like stomach issues, but I am not expert. I am worried they are going to say she needs growth hormones or something. I guess my mind is just wandering off and looking for things to worry about.
I have a very tiny daughter and the doctor wants her to visit a pediatric endocrinologist. My first child was off the charts as a baby and hung around 50 percentile as a toddler, my husband and I are 5'7" but thin, and we were small as children so we never were concerned. My second daughter, was at 40 percentile at 4 months, and has dropped since. Now at 27 months, she is 21 pounds (lost a pound from 3 months ago) and below 3 percentile. She wears 18 month clothes...
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