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What a beautiful boy. I am glad he is surrounded by love and support. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts. Kia Kaha.
Quote: Originally Posted by sapphire_chan Having a baby who was awake when she was born and is soothed to sleep by "this", I'm confused why you would think those believes are incompatible? Although, if you look at the switch to narrative memory, it suggests that things that happen to babies--e.g. birth, being worn, or getting tickled--will be retained somewhere in the unconscious while things they only observe--e.g. everything else--won't stick around...
Quote: Originally Posted by Spring Sun Thanks Tiffani! We will have two US incomes, plus dh is thinking about getting a NZ job. I will also be doing photography. We understand we won't get paid much, but we both want to work anyways. We do want to hire someone to help us do all the paperwork for getting there. Does any one have a referral for a immigration service? I personally would totally reccomend getting someone to help you with...
Also if your guy is just screaming at you that something is wrong, then check to see if he is a registered sex offender on your states Megans Law website.
Yeah, you have absolutely no evidence that your nieghbour is involved with anything illegal at all. I would leave it. If something happens where it is more than just a 'feeling' or some assumptions on your part, then go ahead call the cops. But at the moment, he isn't doing anything wrong except having visitors and looking 'creepy'.
Remember you can always give him ANOTHER bath when you get home. Most babies love baths and fortunatly there are no rules that say only bath bubba once a day
So what then *would* be a polite, caring thing to ask a pregnant woman?
I think that you are completly over-reacting. There are not many things you can *do* with a 6 month old, a bath is often a fun, age appropriate activity. I am sure she knows how to do it safely too, she is a mother herself.
ha ha ha!
There SHOULD be legal disclaimers everywhere on this site. Absolutely there should. Also, the brutal truth is, not everyone that posts on here are intelligent adults.
New Posts  All Forums: