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Sounds like a great gathering. I wish it were closer for us.
Another mama in the nek. Natanya is a great midwife! I think we have met... Pming ya...
The NEK is a great place! Sure you would have to drive to Littleton to get your walmart fix, but there is so much going on in all the surrounding towns that I rarely have to go to burlington even. Feel free to PM me when you move to the area.
When we were primal, my kids would have loads of eggs. I am allergic to eggs so I would usually have leftover cold chicken and dark chocolate. Now that we are not primal anymore, my kids have eggs and GF oatmeal.
Did I miss the boat. Not that too far south of you. And I agree, nice to see others in the area!
I am in the NEK...pming ya...
Emailing ya...
I am not sure what you are talking about, the video has been removed.
Oh and QOTM, that story is so amazing!
I see animal spirits sometimes. I have had experiences with my own pets as well as others that I had never met before. Usually animal pets don't hang around to "haunt" a place as it is uncommon butI once met a cat ghost that wouldn't leave a house we stayed at. But my MIL unintentionally helped it to cross over. I have more interaction with animal spirits doing animal communication psychic readings. These animals are not always hanging around but there if you need...
New Posts  All Forums: