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Quote: Originally Posted by koalove As a birthmom, I find the term birthmom annoying but not unkind. I dont know of a better word. The origins of the word are what realy irks me. my dd's parents have always asked what i want to be called and i could never bring myself to say that i want to be called mama A. It just feels too intrusive. Her parents are 2 women so they already struggle with what to call each other for clarity so i dont want to throw...
Quote: Originally Posted by yaseensmommy Is this an old wives tale, or does it really help when they are choking, or help them to swallow? I thought it only makes them hold their breath?? Until I saw my DH do it with DD and it worked. Go figure.
And started working for vendor companies that support my old company. I had one job which was just like my old one and leaving after 1 mth. The manager is a mom and awesome but the pace is killing me. My new gig is full time telecommute which is a better fit. My DH has a super flexible job and he's home early in the day. In my new role, I'm challenged and supported so it's the best of both worlds. I lose some things by leaving my former employer but the thing I gain...
Quote: Originally Posted by vagabonder So far dd hasn't taken to a lovey, but I'm really trying to encourage one. I prefer something all cotton, even better yet organic. Any blankets? Stuffed animals that your LO has taken to? Since we picked her up (she's adopted!) it's been a cotton dipe. She LOVES them and they are plentiful and cheap.
We're a Dr Brown's glass/BPA free bottle family. I hear you on part clean up. What about Evenflo. Cheap and can order on the net. I looked into Skilliskins (sic) and it seems like a viable option. We started with Evenflo but need Dr. B's due to tummy trouble. HTH. Good luck.
We're a Dr Brown's family and have never had a problem/worry. Good luck!:
I suggest asking a nanny placement agency in your area. We live north of you and pay $18-20/hour. We have PT nanny and not paying the fringes you are. HTH.
It seems this is not the place to share difficult feelings.
Cool bath? That may calm her? Maybe burn some lavender? HTH.
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