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Thanks for the replies!  I was sitting there thinking: a) I don't need to start a debate about diet with this nice, young doc (he's only mentioning it in passing, not preaching) and b) I"D RATHER BE THE LION! :LOL   Next time we go (which could be over a year) I'll try to have some 'elevator blurbs' about primal ready. :)  I had trouble today multitasking with my two boys acting all over the place.   DS1 eats lots of meats, veg and fruit, but he does enjoy...
first: why isn't vinegar primal??   second: I'm kinda in a funk...   I took the boys to a new family doc today.  he's very holistic, hands off, and accepts that we all do things a bit differently.  in some ways he's crunchier than I am ;)   he wasn't pushy AT ALL, but he did mention that he thinks that humans are "made to be vegetarians"...um, I'm sorry, WHAT??!?!    DS1 was having some trouble breathing and getting off of all grain and dairy helped (and...
    re: homemade chicken tenders I've made these almond crusted, BAKED chicken nuggets a few times and they come out pretty good (sometimes better than others...play with herbs to really give flavor).  I just baked a huge batch and froze them to heat up later.  I use thighs...our farmer sells them deboned and I just pull the skin off (and cook separate...yum salted chicken skin chips!).  I just cut the thighs into similar sized pieces and go from there.    re:...
Quote: Originally Posted by suzukiaustin So my announcement...I had my baby!!!!! Remember my weight gain issues (multiple gastrointestinal illnesses that kept me losing weight)? The baby was 7 pounds, 9 ounces!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
I've made these with thighs (our favorite) and a more stable cooking fat for the pan (or a silpat sheet). I might have done an egg dip before the almond meal, but they froze and reheated (toaster oven) great! I've made it with either Bob's Red Mill almond flour or my own almond meal (in food processor) - homemade was much more coarse and had more almond flavor, but it's good with either. I recently had some store bought GF nuggets and didn't like them NEARLY as much.
yesterday I sliced large raw carrot on the bias and used that for pate (I wanted bigger pieces than the circumference of the carrot ) YUM
Thank you, Aven, I will check those out!
we ate pate on tart apple slices growing up what about pork rinds? I haven't had luck finding a healthy source for them, but will buy conventional ones occasionally...in this case, i think the extreme benefits from the pate will far outweigh any issues from the conventional animal product. (then again, you *could* make them from a pastured pig skin...)sliced radishes? sliced jicama?
I've never seen them, but have heard that they're good (and great for you!). Can you tell me what the brand name is so I can see if I can order some. Thx!
Quote: Originally Posted by rhianna813 Hey kinda looking for a Mexican no grain casserole. I have ones that use either corn meal, rice or tortillas. Most also use beans which I am ok using along with ground beef. Just not sure how to make layers? What veggies would you use? We eat dairy too. I like mexi casseroles because whenever I make single serve Mexican food all the toppings/diced veggies end up going in the fridge as leftovers. In teensy little...
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