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Amen!!!! It absolutely MADDENS me to hear. We CANT stay home, we both HAVE to work and they both have 20k cars and a boat in the driveway. I know there are exceptions, but more often, I really DO think you can manage on one income. We have 6 kids with one income. Sure we cut corners, but it happens with planning and frugality.
I don't see any nursing babies on the link posted... are there pages not posted by Amazon that do show nurslings?
The Balloon Festival
I have an OvaCue with oral and vaginal sensor. Lightly used, works great. This is the updated version with a color monitor. On the Ova cue web page, it explains how it works. Essentially measuring the electrolytes in the saliva and vaginal fluid, it tells you when you are fertile and confirms ovulation if the vaginal sesor is also used. It works great! It sells for 350 new. I am looking to sell the bundle for $225 plus...
do sposo easy or bum genius 3.0 have repelling issues like fuzzi bunz do? does anyone have a recommendation of one of these types? i know the family is going to ask for ideas for christmas and I think i want to try an all in one. thanks...
Once your baby is eating solids they are worth the money. I love them! I like the toddler sized ones as they provide fuller coverage- even for a baby. I wouldnt CD without liners and a diaper sprayer!
I saw them too on an end cap in the baby section. I had to look hard!
That looks like what I want but I need more like a dozen at least and there is only one available UGH! Any other suggestions?
I have learned to hate fitteds and fuzzi bunz for this problem. I had mine stored in a wooden drawer and the same thing happened! I spent many hours replacing elastic in kissaluvs and fuzzi bunz. It is doable but a time commitment.
I use bert bees with no problems. Dont use Desitin or anything with fish oil or it will leave the diapers stinky. We gob on berts bees. We love it. It smells awesome.
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