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My hike today in Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park. The Aspens are amazing! Sorry for being so MIA. Love you all!
YAY Bas!!! Sorry Ruth. MF, are you excited about your DW? You sound ambivilant. Hi Beth, MD... Life is good. Not much is new. DS got his first vax, that was interesting . Our family is now on Medicaid because we are making such little income (we are living off our savings while DH starts a business). DS started pre-K this week. I need to get my butt exercising again. Not sure why I'm having such a hard time about it? I was once excited to. I have...
Quote: Originally Posted by pixiekisses Coagulate? Why? Because I'm weird. I just like the way it feels to say it. And I'm a big fan of inclusiveness?
I love that, "moot point". I always try to find ways to say it. I also love the word "coagulate".
Quote: Originally Posted by pixiekisses I just had a SA (miscarriage) yesterday. That hasn't even been in my thoughts as an option ever, I've never had one before (I'm lucky, I know) and I just wasn't prepared at all. The first baby we lost was many weeks old before we lost her, so this is not a comparison, but I feel so incredibly sad and empty. I just feel like being alone, I'm a private griever. So my dear has taken all the kids all day (they went...
Hello friends!! My summer craziness is almost over and I'll spend more time with you all soon. Love you sisters and brother!!
I'm sorry your head hurts Bas. Play the game, it will be all be worth it in the end.
Hi Beth, I thought you'd appreciate.
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