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I don't come to MDC often but I watched this and had to post. Thank you for sharing, it was so moving and beautiful.
My youngest weaned himself before he was two, it was so hard and I think I may have pushed him to nurse even longer than he wanted to because I was just not ready let that part of our relationship go. I still feel defensive when people think I was the one weaning and not him. It's such a sensitive issue for people. Hugs to you
I was just discussing my annoyance wth people assuming gender with a friend. My dd is 6 and has short hair by choice and lately she has been mistaken for a boy, she didn't mind it at first but I think she is becoming bothered by it.
My ds just turned two, he also has curly hair almost to his shoulders, I couldn't imagine cutting it!! My dh wants us to trim it, but I don't even want to do that. He is constantly mistaken for a girl and when I tell people he's a boy, they get all apologetic. Like I care. LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by pamamidwife I don't adhere to what I think is acceptable as far as rules of behavior - in any way. I do what I want to do and that's that. I do find it interesting, though, how many people are against mainstream things, but yet still want to create strict rules of behavior for those who are "alternative" or "crunchy". This bears repeating. I get so sad when I see all these threads wondering about what is and...
What about 'The Prophecy'? I saw that one ages ago though and don't remember much about it. Ok, I'm really no help....sorry.
I'm reading it right now. I found it compelling at first, and I liked the author's use of the different voices to tell the story, but there is something missing for me and I can't quite put my finger on what that is. Tell me what you enjoyed about it.
We use Safari.
I have two dds, I did not and would not have their ears pierced until they asked for it and understood the consequences. My oldest started asking at about 7 and for her 8th birthday I took her to get them pierced and we made a date out of it. I hope she'll look back on it fondly when she's older, it was a big deal for me.
We started just calling my parents "Grandma" and "Grandpa", my oldest dd could say grandma just fine but she insisted on calling my dad, Papa, which I love. It has stuck and all three of them call him that. They call my mil Grandma *her name* to differentiate from my mom, who is more of a hands-on typical grandma type anyway. LOL
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