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I used the Burt's Bees stuff. I didn't get any until right at the end on the lower half of my belly. I don't even see them now. I put it on my boobs too, but the growth must have been just too much too fast cause those stretch marks are definitely still around.   What a sweet hubs you have, Babytoes!
I recently ate: squares of chili dark chocolate, chicken noodle casserole with friend onions on top () and a green salad. I'm craving: pumpkin chocolate chip cookies My stomach turns at the thought of: eggs
Yes! My sacrum area has been killing me for like the last month, at least. I remember low back pain from the first time, but like previous posts, not this soon. Also, I think round ligament pain is starting. This morning I woke up an hour early because I just couldn't get comfortable on either side. My whole abdomen just felt sort of tight - but not like gas. Like, tight on a diagonal, not just swelled and puffed up from gas. 
So I think I've felt something two or three times now. Sort of like a ball rolling over. I felt DS at 16 weeks, so I was expecting to feel this one early too- but not this early (12 weeks)! DS was super active. I loved rubbing my belly with him and pushing his elbows and feet back in when they'd stick out- it just felt like I was holding him. 
Okay, I thought I was going crazy a little today when I thought I felt something, but maybe not! I'm 12 weeks, 3 days, and this afternoon as I was waking from a nap, I thought a felt a little something down there! 
Wasn't planning on getting a 20 week ultra sound due to cost unless the quad screen suggests we need to take a closer look. But, then did a little figuring and because we'll reach our deductible next year due to the birth, we might as well get one after the new year. I guess that would be around 30 weeks. I really want to know the sex for sure, so I think we'll plan to do that.
So sorry to hear of your loss. Thinking of you. 
So sorry. Thinking of you.
Just got an idea today similar to this: http://pinterest.com/pin/101119954103405734/   I would love to do a Victorian or 1930s fairy themed room for a little girl, and thought painting old doorknobs like brightly colored mushrooms might be kind of cute...
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I hope you are able to meet your baby at another time. 
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