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pre-dosed with vitamin I before the run - 5.5 done, plus just short of a mile with smaller kid. woot!
towson - it stinks - it was on expedia, but when you click through to try to book it, your price increases "because of the dynamic nature of the airline market" to well over 350. i'm finding close prices on expedia, but another website recommended waiting bc prices are falling.
hope all those little (and bigger) boys are better soon! "blizzard" here. it's been snowing like crazy since midnight, but bc it was so warm before the storm, the roads are warm and not sticking. GREAT conditions at the mt. though. pumpkin pancakes and bacon for breakfast, a few hours of skiing, dropped the kids with dh and went for a 6 mile run, home to find a GREAT secret sprinter package - water bottle, m&ms, and what looks to be a great running mix. good day.
oh, i stink at being a secret sprinter. love y'all! (((((hugs)))))) all around.
trying to make an effort to keep up more with y'all! gaye - congrats on the dvr AND the complete app. bec - sending you a pm.
they want a DRA 8 by the end of K?!?!?!!? a kid is going GREAT if they're at a 4 at the end of K.
congratulations RM!
subbing - oh ((((((dingos)))))
Hello! Just popping in to say hi! Not running at all in the last two weeks - I definitely did something to my tailbone snowboarding, and running is just not in the picture. Skiing doesn't hurt, so I've been spending as much time on the mountain as possible, but I am still feeling like a major LUMP. Lots of changes going on around here - but the kids are fantastic. Em just signed up for spring track again, choosing it over softball. That's my girl! She is...
New Posts  All Forums: