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((((mandy))) i hear you - i am SO worried about Kindy next year for O. i just don't forsee good things.
Quote: Originally Posted by mommajb Does anybody run with a headlamp? Anyone have any thoughts or advice? I'd like to be able to run outside in the wee hours. If it was just evening a reflective vest would be enough but there aren't many cars between 5 and 6am. . yes - i have one of the lightweight petzels - that clips off the strap it comes with and clips onto the brim of my running cap - i like it bc i can rotate it between pointing at...
I don't think so - I went to Colgate, and I think she went to Colby. We both rowed though.
[QUOTE=Plady;14654526No real FM for me but I did lift weights until my muscles gave out and that felt good. I started heckling my biceps (' oh come on you p@$sy muscle! You can lift that weight! Lift it!") when the first side failed and then realized there were three other people working out right next to me . Old people. [/QUOTE] omg plady, this made me lol!
i would ski, gaye. in a heartbeat!
bucket list: comrades.
yo yo yo! I've been M.I.A. but thought the new month was an easy time to pop in. miss y'all!
ditto on the uniform cost savings. em started private school this year, and i didn't spend a dime on other clothes - she had enough that still fit from the previous year to get her through the weekends. next year - everything but her gym t-shirt still fits. when she grows out of it, the girls wear the same polos and gym uniforms as the boys, so she can pass it down to o, and he'll just need winter shirts and pants, and spring/fall shorts. i LOVE it.
think i can get to indianapolis in time? we LOVE wicked - dd and I saw it on broadway with her cousins. such a blast - both of my kids have the entire soundtrack memorized. t-storms tonight - debating whether to go to the summer racing series tonight. congrats annettemarie!
thinking of you guys, kerc.
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