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still here.
on the + side, the school affiliated with my grad school is highlighted as an alternative approach. fantastic place.
shirt! woot! race tonight! woot! wearing shirt! :
I had a fantastic experience with the midwives.
Quote: Originally Posted by SugarAndSun Wow! I can't believe you found something good to say about snow on April 27th!!!!! : I guess coffee is always good though. i'll tell you, in our 90 degree weather today, dd (8) and ds (4) were arguing about whether it's skiing season or not (triggered by my ski rack still on the car). i think ds won with "well, april is a ski month, just not HERE."
you guys are awesome for coming out. i've run the marathon the last two years (and another mdc mom also qualified this year) - and the course/community support is just OUTSTANDING. honestly, the heartfelt cheering and tons of little kids waiting for high-fives kept me just floating the entire time. thank you so much!
here's my running plan for the week: nothing nothing nothing nothing :
after you get your first pair of shoes fitted at a reputable place, there are online stores that you can get previous seasons/discontinued colors of the same shoe at a slashed price.
holy guacamole, some pictures are up already. http://www.marathonfoto.com/home.cfm...ndex2Home=true
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