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poppy, the art is gorgeous!
subbing! My SS rocks - got a GREAT package yesterday - face scrub and coffee soap and spices to add to oil for bread dipping, and coffee, and and and! bailed on the LR today - woke up with a killer headache and slept until 5pm. feel good now, though - who knows what went on. thinking good thoughts for a snow day tomorrow - and SKIING!
i think there's a nino group in bethlehem?
jenlove details are on fb!
Quote: Originally Posted by Plady Oh, does anyone have any idea how to juggle going skiing with a toddler? the mountain doesn't have a ski school/nursery thing and they don't allow sleds. Does that mean the only option is trading off on who is babysitting and who is skiing? Or is there another option I'm missing? plady forgive me, but how much of a toddler? ds started skiing at the very end of last year, before he was 3. we LOVE the lucky...
((((hugs to all who need them)))) no forward motion, but went skiing with dd for four hours tonight - tried the terrain park! : skiing again tomorrow am with a friend of owen's, then ahve to fit in 7 miles, shoe shopping, and more - and long on sunday. ugh ss - you're awesome! got the package yesterday and it was a wonderful pick me up - the cran razz blocks are my fave!
Quote: Originally Posted by CathToria DrJen, how was Coraline? My 8yo wants to see it, but it really sounds dark... I don;t think I woudl enjoy it and I'm not sure it's appropriate for her. not enough time to reply to everything i want to - but dd (7, almost 8) and i saw coraline this weekend. her review "scary but worth it"
Quote: Originally Posted by kerc I mean what kind of mother yells at her kid, "PUT DOWN THAT BOOK!"? This one. me too. don't worry about it. i even hollered it across the ymca locker room the other day, much to the dismay of the other moms. oh well. our teacher conference this year revolved entirely around dd reading ALL.DAY.LONG. in school. as in not doing any work. sigh.
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