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taxes are done, i am thrilled - the amount we are getting back should perfectly cover our bathroom disaster. off to pack - i'm taking ds back to the city, and we're staying there until the bathroom is done, drywall dust is not all over my house, and i can shower at home. thank you. hopefully i'll be home by sunday so i can do a 13 mile lr here instead of ny - that would just suck. i can't run more than a mile in my parents' neighborhood without major hills. ...
both of my kids had a much tougher time between 18-24 months than after 2. by the time dd turned 2, she was fantastic - verbal, beginning to be reasonable, developing a sense of humor. ds is 2 on saturday, and he is so much easier now than he was just two months ago.
congrats kerc & reb on the house offers! : that is great, great news! send me some of your karma this year - we're looking to move within the next year and a half. mandy : fantastic racing missbliss! have you not used gu on a long run before? that stinks, mama - but i'm glad you made it through. we are in home renovation hell right now. dh went to fix a leaky faucet in the bathroom, and flooded the kitchen (knocking down all the ceiling tiles in the...
please check out my thread in health and healing if your dc has ever knocked out, or almost knocked out a tooth. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...92#post7718792
Friday morning, ds (not quite 2) fell into a table at daycare, knocking one of his front teeth backwards. When dh picked him up, it was fairly gross looking, but ds needed a nap, so dh put him down while he made phone calls. fortunately, dh's mom is a dental assistant, so we called our dentist at home (no one is in the office on fridays). he seemed to think there was not much he could do, but if we really wanted to, we could bring him over to check him out. well, dh's...
Quote: Originally Posted by bec Are jog strollers worth it? Or should I save the money, and just work harder to find a few minutes by myself to run? Oh, and if you LOVE your jog stroller, what one do you like? yes - and the $ ones are worth every penny. i bought a middle of the road one with dd, intending to start running - used it twice - my arms hurt soooooooooo badly. sold it, and bought a bob ironman when ds was born. i loooooooooove it.
that is FANTASTIC! you have come so far in no time at all!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by grnmtnmama nevermind, found a good one at Land's End. Rain pants too. we already have the rubber boots. best things ever made for kids. ever. fwiw, i this site
oh ((((((jen)))))))
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