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I was 6lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight at 2 weeks postpartum. I'm six weeks postpartum now and am 3lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight but I still can't button my jeans. So close though. I gained 26lbs this time. My tummy still feels like bread dough. Just a pouch hanging on. Need to do my ab exercises my midwife gave me.
Jack is 6 weeks old!!! Can't believe it! He now weighs 11.4lbs (born 7.2lbs). He gained 2lbs in 2 weeks! He loves a paci and lullabies. He's a big smiler and giggled on Wednesday!
It's so neat to see that the average size baby on here is around 9lbs!
I pumped 6oz of milk divided into two breast milk storage bags and put them in the fridge for a few days because I thought I would need them and then I dicided to put them in the freezer after not needing them. Is that ok? Should they have been frozen right away instead? I'm new to pumping and freezing.
Did anyone else ever make their birth bead necklace?
So happy for you! Congratulations!
Congratulations! That's wonderful!!
Congratulations CDsMom!
So cute! Congratulations!!
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