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Hi, thanks for asking :) We have seen the nuero and he is pretty unhelpful. He hasn't really answered any questions I have.  He is the best in the area so I haven't tried to go anywhere else. She has had a total of five seizures but none since early January.  I read about using frankincense oil for seizure prevention and have been using that twice a day everyday.  She is still on phenobarbital which I hate but I've had it explained to me by several doctors that since her...
Thank you fruitfulmama, every little bit of info helps!  Thanks serenbat that has some really helpful info in it that's what I was trying to find. 
Thank you I'll read that.  It has crossed my mind as well.
Hello all, My 6 month old has recently had a string of seizures a week after receiving prevnar.  The doctor and neurologist both assure me it is not from the vaccine.  However, neither of them have any other explanation given that every where else she checks out normal.  I'm not sure if it is or not either but curious if it happened to anyone else? I've read it is one of the rare side effects.  If so, did your child ever outgrow the seizures or is this going to be a life...
Hello all!  I've never had to give a baby meds except Tylenol.  Recently, my 6 month old has been put on anti seizure meds and like most meds I'm sure its important that she  gets it all down.  I've tried putting the syringe into her cheek, putting it far down her throat and mixing it with apple juice or coconut water in a bottle.  Every time she spits it out and gets so upset that she vomits.  They mixed it with flavor but I know it is probably disgusting tasting. Anyone...
Thanks so much for your response. Those pages are super helpful! 
Hello everyone!  My dd has had four seizures the past month and half.  All her test have come back normal except EEG shows some spikes.  The neurologist are still trying to get the dosage right for her meds so she has been like a zombie most days since starting it. Her seizures go on for 15-20 minutes.  I've had to give her rectal valium twice now and it is so scary.  Every time I think she is going to die.  I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out what's causing...
Thanks for that article!  I hadn't even thought that this medicine could cause vitamin deficiencies.  I'm going to see the neurologist in a month and depending on how she is doing I think I want to ask if they can take her off completely and see if she has any further seizures.  I'm hoping it is not long term.  So scary.
Thanks all!  Does anyone know if her seizures were induced because of the vaccine how long she might continue to have the seizures?  Is it long term?  The neurologist said yesterday he wants to keep her on meds long term.  I hate for her to have to take them if she doesn't need to.  They make her uncomfortable and she is not quite herself. 
She did have the third round of Prevnar a week before the first seizure.  My Dr said if it was a reaction to the vaccine it would account for the first seizure but not the second one.  I'm finding a lot of conflicting research on the subject.  I don't know what to believe. 
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